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Akhil Gokul
Birth Date : 18/May/2007
Birth Time: 10:59 am
Birth Place: Apollo Hospital
Birth Weight: 2.99Kg
Birth Length: 45cm
Growth Chart
Date Weight Length
18/Oct/2008 13.0Kgs 2.0 ft. 10 in.

18/May/2008 11.0Kgs 2.0 ft. 9 in.

18/Feb/2008 9.3Kgs 2.0 ft. 7 in.

18/Dec/2007 8.0 Kgs 2.0 ft. 4 in.

18/Sep/2007 6.3 Kgs 2.0 ft. 0 in.

18/July/2007 5.0 Kgs 1 ft. 10 in.

18/May/2007 2.99Kgs. 1 ft. 6 in.

Fun Facts
Fun Fact
Daddy wanted to name me "Akhil Viji Gokul" but momma felt it will make me feminine. When I become an adult, I will add momma's name to mine.

Akhil means "Complete"

My name could have been Charan, Vinay or Yuvan. When I have a sister, her name would be Ankita

I was born exactly one month before my actual date (17/June/2007)

I was sleeping horizontally on moma's womb (style!). The C-Section date was supposed to be 01/June/2007

Arthi(K) aunty was the first to lift me 19/May/2007

I first smiled on 19/May/2007

Dad first carried me on 30/June/2007. That was my first visit to a hotel too (Karaikudi, Velacheri)

I first rolled over on 22/July/2007

I went to Bangalore by train on 22/Sep/2007 and returned by flight on 24/Sep/2007.

I rolled over and fell down from the bed on 5/Jan/2008. My careless dad thinks this is a fun fact :(

They shaved my head in Tirupathi on 15/Mar/2008. I overheard them say..."Two more to go". Dad being a non believer in rituals, stayed back in Chennai.

My first tooth was noticed on 22/Apr/2008. I started standing without support on 28/May/2008

By July 2008, I started walking and started saying a few words. My favourite word was "Apple". I am now a naughty brat

Some important dates: Aug 2008 - visited Wayanad, Sep 2008 - Shaved my head again in Thiruvallur (this time dad accompanied...for a different purpose) and Oct 2008 - My first visit to Zoo.




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