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18/May/2007 [8:30am]
This marks the first official entry into the Journal section of my site. In the past 2 weeks I was increasingly getting bored staying indoors. It is time to see the bright sun and enjoy the lovely weather. Knock Knock....someone open the door. Thats great! Mom has taken me seriously, grandpa is rushing me to hospital and I hear that dad is on his way too! Hey I come.

18/May/2007 [10:20am]
Woooooo. Mom and I are being taken for a ride on a roller coaster. Now, no one is talking to me, everyone is worried about mom (maybe she was scared of the ride..."mama this stretcher ride is not scary"). I hear dad telling mom that he is there(I thought, I was the one who cannot see). Hey dad...stop crying (atleast, he is not talking on his mobile phone)

18/May/2007 [10:59am]
Finally, I see some light. A lady lifts me....her name is....sorry, she does not wish to be identified (why else would she cover her face with this green cloth). She shows me to mom and tells her friends (they are masked too), "it is a boy!". I was sooo wild for telling me something that I always knew and started shouting at her. She mistook me for crying and sent me for a wash. These grown-ups are crazy....I was feeling so cold, wanting to get back into my moma's womb.....when I heard the doctor say......"Chennai is hot".

18/May/2007 [11:10am]
I got my first glimpse of daddy and my grandparents. Grandma had tears of joy and she called me "pattu kutti". I waved at them and went back inside, for a long sauna bath and cold milk from mom. I later heard that Grand daddy was busy distributing sweets and daddy was busy letting his friends know that I decided to meet them a whole month earlier! Later when Bashoo uncle came to see me, Abhi aunty brought me outside. Thats when I asked dad to start calling me....."Akhil"

18/May/2007 [11:15am]
What a coincidence! The nurse told me that mom & dad have also planned to call me "Akhil".

18/May/2007 [7:00pm]
1234Thaatha (Moma's dad) was busy trying to prevent visitors from disturbing moma. Mom, dad, grandparents, Shyam mama (and his parents), Hari Mama, Pavan mama, Sampath Thatha & Sunitha Paati, waited for several hours to meet me. There were several others who wanted to come but they were asked not to bcoz I was too tired and decided to stay in neo-natal with people of my age-group!

18/May/2007 [10:00pm]
Doctor scared dad about some tests that he is going to take. Dad decided to stay in hospital with mom. Ladies and Gentlemen... at the tender age of 0.003 years (12 hours), I was preparing to take my first test (I should have checked before, someone told me that exams are already over). As I fall asleep, I I believe in good omen....when terrorists planted a bomb in Jamma Masjid and despite it killing 16 people today, India stood united! Maybe, when I grow up, I will teach people to be positive in life. ***Yawn***

I was enjoying my new found freedom and was in no mood to meet visitors. Mom was worried about me and so I met her. Doctor confirmed that I am normal (btw, what does normal mean?). I managed to meet Agastya Anna and his parents who had come all the way to meet me. I was finally handed over to mom at 6:30pm and I helped her keep awake all night ;-)

I met Jai uncle and Arthi Aunty (who came all the way from Hyderabad). All that I did was to sleep and drink milk. In the evening I met my Moma Thatha's brothers (and Vaishno Chithi), Ponni Mama (and Maha Athai), Ananthu Mama, Leena Mami and Dhaya Paati. Most importantly, I met Pravin Uncle (do you know why I bolded his name...he has two beautiful girls). Good night again.

I spent most of the day with grand parents and dad. In the evening, I met Poorvaj Anna with his parents (Raja & Manju). Saroja Paati, Ammi Paati, Bahnu Paati, Sundaran Thaatha, Ponni Mama, Vatsala Paati, Poonkuzhali Athai, Kavya Akka and Shyam mama visitied me too. I am hoping to get discharged tomorrow morning. Can someone switch on the TV please... Smile

I was angry with myself for what I wrote yesterday. Either I should maintain a private diary or write something interesting for people who read this journal. Baby talk is OK but Baby writings? In his most recent book (The Witch of Portobello), Paulo Coelho talks about, "abandoning the idea of writing a straing biography and prefering to write what transcribes". I have decided to write only significant happenings with spice(!) instead of a daily update. Before I do that, I have two requests - (1) Send a math teacher to Apollo's Billing Department (2) If your new baby is getting discharged from hospita, contact moma on things to buy for the baby....she is an expert. guessed it right....I am HOME.

- Matured baby talk will continue (now on a weekly/monthly basis)

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